Creating and sending newsletters has never been so simple

Reusing Facebook page posts can automatically retrieve content from any Facebook page. To use Relike, simply enter the address of the page ! doesn’t need Facebook page administration rights: we only collecte public content. is a Facebook-certified application.

Simple and powerful template editor

Our drag-and-drop newsletter editor let you to develop templates with your own branding. Start with a pre-built templates or create one from scratch.

Manual or automatic contents selection

Is your template ready? Now is the time to choose Facebook posts to publish in your newsletter. You can use automatic selections and let Relike select your best posts before sending, for instance 'the most shared' or the one that received most reactions (❤️, 😠, ...).

You can also switch to manual selection if you want to highlight a specific post.

Configuration in minutes

In 4 simple steps, configure your mailings: create your template, define the subject of the email, select the list of recipients… and schedule your campaign!

One-shot or recurring campaign

You have published enough good content on your Facebook page, it’s time to send newsletters with Manually select your content and schedule the date and time of your campaign.

Do you regularly publish on your Facebook page and your posts get feedbacks? Schedule recurring mailings and offer your recipients newsletters with the most popular / commented / shared posts on your page every month, every week or every day!

Content from several Facebook pages

You can add to your Relike account as many Facebook pages as you like. Send distinct newsletters for each Facebook page or send newsletters with posts from different pages. This feature is only available to Premium users.

Comprehensive reports

Our performance reports give all the statistics you need about your campaigns: opening rate, click rate, heatmap, ...

Premium users can also export data and retrieve lists of openers and clickers for each sent newsletter.